Annual Return (CIPC)

All companies are required by law to submit annual returns once a year. This can be done online. Non compliance can lead to de-registration of your company. Avoid this by submitting your annual returns on time. Should your company be de-registered because of non compliance your business account will also be closed by your bank.

Its really simple to submit your annual returns  with Fast Connect. We will ensure your business is compliant with CIPC requirements:

Step 1 – Click on order below

Step 2 – Receive your invoice and pay

Step 3- Our system will request your registration number and company name.

This is all we require from you. We will also update any information that has changed about your company.

The fee below is for companies with a turnover of less than 1 million. CIPC fees increase with turnover that is over 1 million in turnover.