Start-ups Are Never Easy

We know at Fast Connect start-ups are never easy and sometime can take months to setup. So where does one start . We recommend  the following :

  1. Start by registering your business
  2. Then move on to getting a business account
  3. Tax Registration(free with all our packages)
  4. Next is a website (We are now in an online world, a website should be priority)

The first 2 steps are vital to getting your business off the ground. We can assist you all the way with all of the steps above.

Choose A Package

We suggest taking up the normal package for a start-ups.


Do I need an accountant to register my business?

When starting out, you don’t need an accountant to register your business. However you will require one once you start making money.

Do I need a business plan?

You don’t require a business plan to register your company.

What documents do I need?

All we require is a certified copy of your ID.

What if I am a foreigner ?

We can still assist you , all we require is a copy of your passport.